Partnership Opportunities To Grow Your Business

If you’re looking for creative ways to dominate the competition, retain and recruit top talent and grow your business, the Homeownership Advantage Program is just what you need to give you the edge.

It’s a seamless collaboration that takes into account your offerings and our special mortgage benefits.

We do it through perks like lender fee discounts, free annual mortgage reviews and our popular homebuying seminars that do a deep dive on what to expect when financing a home.

homeownership advantage program

For Companies

Expand your company benefits, at no cost to your company.

Our Homeownership Advantage Program provides your most cherished resource with services that will help guide them through the homebuying process. Real-world benefits that put your employees on the path to homeownership.

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For Builders

You’re building more than homes — you’re creating dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner that focuses to the details, provides perks to your clients, believes in total transparency, and offers full-service lending. We understand your business.

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For Realtors

A  partnership with us is seamless and makes your marketing plan stronger, helps you grow your business, and ensures that every client walks away with a positive homebuying experience.  We go the extra mile to convert borrowers into customers for life.

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I look forward to continuing our relationship and only wish this opportunity had been available a few months earlier when we sold and bought a new home! If you are looking at establishing a relationship with Alderus Mortgage, I can say whole-heartedly that you and your workforce will not be disappointed.
The value for me experiencing the refinance was in terms of time spent understanding, simplicity in being able to provide the needed information, and the extremely knowledgeable team. That team was aggressive with making sure that I was sure. I would recommend this service to any organization. This is much easier than it may seem to be. I would advise organizations to just sign up and do it.
The value in this program for my employees is immense. Our ability to offer this to our team is just another benefit we can leverage to retain our most talented employees. It’s an opportunity to save a lot of money, get educated, all with professional subject matter experts who are friendly and professional.
The HAP program is the best. It builds a loyal relationship with an industry partner and in a high-quality network.
HAP is a brilliant “Out of Box” strategy. I don’t know how many companies offer a Homeownership Advantage for their employees, and I don’t know any lenders that are currently offering anything like what Hamilton Home Loans is offering. Honestly, the program is amazing – I am not sure what there is to think about? There is no cost to the employer or employee! It is a nice way to thank your hard working employees and help them on the biggest purchase of their lifetime!
melanie scheidMelanie Scheid-MyersHuman Resources Manager Rawhide Mining
Chris KobashigawaChris KobashigawaHuman Resources Manager Aqua Metals Inc.
Mary Beth SewaldMary Beth SewaldVegas Chamber CEO
thiago dilagoThiago DilagoMortgage Loan Advisor
CandeceCandece CavalieriBusiness Development Advisor
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*HAP benefit program is limited to current employees. Only one promotion per loan allowed. Bond, non-delegated, and loans not underwritten or funded by Hamilton Home Loans are not eligible for this promotion.